Thursday, May 13, 2010

Peace at all cost

I read a post earlier today at Mark Mallett's Blog and the truth in it struck me. We have become a nation of "yessers" that walk mindlessly down a road little realizing that the light grows dimmer and dimmer on this path. We are adjusting to the "lack of light" and this concerns me. I have noticed this "peace at all costs" mentality and realize that this type of peace is a lie. It looks pretty on the outside but is filled with inner rot.


  1. No, no! I am not a yesser! There are some of us "no" types still around! Aging, but around!

    BTW, I want to let you and other followers know that my Blest Atheist blogspot went down. I replaced it with 100th Lamb ( I explain why there. (You may know this already since I put an announcement on Modern Mysticism.)

  2. I would never take you for a yesser, Elizabeth :) Yes, I knew about 100th Lamb. When I got back from vacation I was catching up on blog reading and found out then from a comment you left on Victor's blog. I started following 100th Lamb today.