Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Your old men shall dream dreams"

Well, I am not an old man but I certainly dream dreams. I call them Holy Spirit dreams and the Lord gave me this gift shortly after my conversion. These dreams are so powerful that I could not ignore them even if I tried. And I have tried [sorry, Lord.] There are times when I've tried to forget them and just go back to sleep but this doesn't work. One night He gave me the same dream 3 times [and woke me up after each one] until I said " O.K., Lord I will give this person the message." He has even spelled out letters in my head after waking up if I didn't understand something in the dream. I will be writing about some of these dreams on this blog as I believe they are pertinent to the times we live in.

He has also given me what I call "words" from him. One of the reasons I called this blog Out of Babylon is because of a word I have received from Him. He is calling his people out of Babylon [the world, worldliness.] I will write more on this word in my next post.