Monday, April 26, 2010

Sin- a silent cancer spreading

Sin continues to spread like a silent cancer across our nation and our world. Back in July or August I wrote about a word my mother had received . I went back and read this word again. One was a word of knowledge - "The whole earth is groaning." This groaning is the result of  sin in the world. As sin increases worldwide not only do our spirits groan but even the earth groans with the weight of our sins. This was the diagnosis. Immediately after, the Lord gave her this word, "I live in the praises of my people." This is a word of wisdom. It is the "cure" for the problem. Praise. So simple and so necessary. The reason I decided to look at this word again is because someone from the prayer group I attend received the same word. This came from a person that I do not know but I had a witness in the Spirit as she spoke. The Holy Spirit often confirms a word by giving it to more than one person. He witnesses to the truth in the word.

Spirit Daily - A thinning of the veil?  I read this article with interest because I believe that we live in unusual times and God is sending us extraordinary graces and soon will be flooding us with them beyond measure. Remarkable things are happening throughout the earth and in the souls of God's people. Many are noticing it, too :)